Herald Tribune: Venice Yacht Club Launches Charitable Efforts for 2019

February 8, 2019

A toddler with a picture book in hand
Children playing with trains together

The Venice Yacht Club and the VYC Charitable Foundation celebrated a successful 2018 year with its membership at the annual Donor Appreciation Night on Jan. 24.

It was a milestone year for the foundation, which received more than $118,000 in donations and provided grants to local charities of approximately $103,000.

One of the guest speakers, Phillip Tavill, president and CEO of Children First, thanked the club for years of support and outlined the challenges ahead.

Children First provides a head start for educational success with its programs in early childhood literacy and nutrition programs. It also provides health screenings for children and a family advocate who works with families to develop a successful strategy of education, nutrition, work and safe housing to ensure a strong structure for each child.

As Tavill concluded his remarks, Nemser and other foundation leaders presented their first Grant of 2019, for $2,500, to Children First.

This brings the ongoing support of Children First from the foundation to more than $15,000 to date.

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