The Nurturing Father’s Podcast: An Interview with Jack Baker

May 6, 2020

Young boy eating lunch in classroom
Teacher and girl in classroom

 May 6, 2020

Mark and Corey talk with Jack Baker,  Families First Institute Manager at Children First, about his career and passion for early childhood development and how it led to his involvement in The Nurturing Father’s Program. They also discuss some important things to consider as a father while spending more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic!

“Seeing myself as some parts Mr. Rogers, some parts Big Bird, and other parts professional parent, I quickly ran out and took a parenting class, and it really enhanced my skill set!” says Jack Baker

Based on The Nurturing Father’s Program, the Nurturing Father’s Podcast discusses the joys and complexities of being a nurturing father. Hosted by father and son, Mark and Corey Perlman.

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