SNN: Children First Venice Site Gets Free Makeover

September 1, 2017

A boy with a blue pail on his head, posing for the camera
Two girls posing for a photo at a park

VENICE (SNN-TV) – Children First is a head start program that aims to give underprivileged children and families a better life. Now, some Suncoast businesses are giving back to them.

“Cleaning up a lot of the debris, clean out a lot of the dead plant material,” BrightView Landscape Services branch manager Matt Braun said.

It’s out with the old and in with the new.

“There’s been several years of neglect I would say, understandably,” Braun said.”A lot of stuff that was put on hold because of money or time, so we’re able to come in and clear a lot of that out.”

It’s all for the kids.

“It just really helps with our families being able to see something nice and bright in the morning when they come in to bring us their children,” Children First Marketing and Development Specialist Melissa Conway said. “This site is just an amazing example of the generosity of our community.”


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