Mental Health

A girl swinging on a swing at the playground and giving the peace sign
A baby drinking milk or formula from a bottle
An African American woman and children outside playing with blocks. The woman is holding up two fingers and is faced toward one of the children, a girl with a yellow block in her hand and holding it up high

We strive to make sure every child has the tools they need to succeed and are healthy enough to learn. This includes their well-being and mental health. Any child who requires additional emotional and behavioral support can benefit from the services of our on-staff Mental Health Specialists. Our Mental Health Specialists provide classroom support, as well as individualized support for children and their caregivers.

We provide mental health consultation in the following ways

  • Provide developmental guidance for health and well-being concerns
  • Plan and implement strategies to promote healthy attachment and relationships
  • Create and assist in the implementation of individualized plans based on the child’s unique needs to promote school readiness
  • Partner with caregivers to promote positive development of their child
  • Provide case consultation to caregivers based on needs of the child and/or family
  • Provide a direct referral to a mental health therapist
  • Provide Child-Parent Psychotherapy to families meeting criteria for treatment


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