Early Learning Inclusion

A girl in a playground tunnel with her head poking out and smiling
African American girl with a big smile on her face
Young boy with eye glasses

Children First has a team of Early Learning Inclusion Coordinators (ELIC) who provide support to every child with a diagnosed disability. Disabilities can include but are not limited to developmental delays, autism, or sensory processing disorder. Our ELIC team works with children and their families to ensure every child receives the recommended services. Inclusion Coordinators are there to answer questions, address concerns, provide referrals, and monitor progress. We provide support services on-site at Children First. These can include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech and language therapy. We also partner with other service providers, such as Sertoma Kids, The Florida Center for Early Childhood, Easterseals, and Sensory Solutions to make certain a child is receiving the support they need. At Children First, all services are provided at no cost. We offer fully inclusive classrooms. All of our classrooms are enrolled with children who have special needs plans together with children who do not. Our Early Learning Inclusion team assists classroom teachers with a child’s accommodations or modifications for learning success.

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