Innovative Practices

A girl with a big pink bow in her hair having fun on a seesaw

Innovative Staff Wellness Practices

Children First’s innovative staff wellness practices go beyond the traditional approach of providing basic amenities; they involve creative strategies that address the multifaceted needs of employees in novel and impactful ways.

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There are two sweet treats, one looks to be a donut in the shape of an elephant, and the other looks like a cupcake. Both are covered in sprinkles and are pink. The packaging reads: You're Elephantastic

Partners for Green Places

Partners for Green Places was launched in October of 2019 with the goal of encouraging organizations and businesses to commit to energy efficiency and sustainability.

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A birds eye view of the Solar PV System that was installed at the agency's main campus in Sarasota

Green Practices

By incorporating eco-friendly initiatives, Children First not only reduces its carbon footprint but also sets a vital example for the young minds it nurtures.

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Two young girls watering a vegetable garden on a sunny day