A girl in a brown dress with butterflies lounging on an army green colored bean bag
A young boy with his head popping out of a jungle gym at a park

Raise Your Hand Campaign

The Raise Your Hand Campaign began after a community assessment highlighted more intense needs in local children and families. It became clear that program changes were necessary to meet these emerging needs.

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Logo for the Children First Raise Your Hand Campaign. There is a blue hand illustration behind the text.

The Challenge for Changing Lives

The Challenge for Changing Lives has raised over $2.3MM in honor of Children First’s 60th Anniversary, given by hundreds of individuals and couples, private foundations, and corporations, all within our local community.

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A Caucasian family of five (mother, father, two toddlers and a baby), sitting on the grass together and smiling

60 for 60 Volunteer Campaign

Our #60for60 Campaign was formed during our 60th anniversary year to highlight the collective partnership from the community led by businesses, individuals, and groups that has created six decades of success and service in support of Children First.

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A group of adults with rakes and other gardening tools, standing in front of the Children First building