Herald Tribune: Learning to be better fathers

May 22, 2017

Boy with a toy hammer
A young boy with his head popping out of a jungle gym at a park

SARASOTA May 22, 2017 (Kim Doleatto-Herald Tribune) — Robert Phinney — owner of Roots, a yard clearing and demolition company — has arms the size of some of the heavy branches he clears. He works around 70 hours a week and lives with his 3- and 5-year-old. The black tinted windows of his company pick-up don’t reveal the two toddler car seats inside.

Even with moms working outside the home, divorce and fewer “I dos”, the value of fathers in early child development remains undisputed.

That’s why Phinney signed up for the Nurturing Dads Class. The free 10-week course is modeled on The Nurturing Father’s Program, a curriculum created by Sarasota author Mark Perlman. The program is focused on helping men become “better dads, better spouses and a better person,” Phinney said.

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